Shopping Second Hand with Thred Up (And a Poshmark Comparison)

Shopping Second Hand with Thred Up (And a Poshmark Comparison)

I recently had the pleasure of working with Thred Up, a website for new and gently used second-hand clothing. Although I had never used the site before, I love the thrill of finding something you might pay full price for at a 75% discount, and am a frequent user of the app Poshmark. Although the outcome of these two platforms is the same — giving customers great second hand clothing via mail, the two are actually pretty different. With Poshmark, users list their own clothing at what they believe to be fair prices. Buyers can browse the app within categories (eg. “jean jacket”) or brands (eg. “Levi’s), or get even more specific with both (eg. “Levi’s jean jacket). You can also set your profile to automatically search only for your specific size, so that you’re not looking at items that won’t fit you. Thred Up is similar, but rather than buyers listing their own items, they can send their clothing to Thred Up and the company will do all the work for you.

Thred Up Pros:

  • The condition of items are ALWAYS listed within the item. For example, it might say “this item looks like new.” With Poshmark this isn’t required, and I believe that buyers creating their own descriptions have less credibility than a company like Thred Up. Although you can ask for specifics on Posh, you never know if the seller’s opinion matches with what you’re imagining. Condition is super important to me if I’m buying second hand, I prefer everything to LOOK new (even if it isn’t).
  • They offer great discounts, like an additional 40% off your first order. I got three items for $33 — an ASOS skirt, Mink Pink shorts, and a Zara skirt/skort. All three pieces looked brand new. I don’t think I could have gotten this deal on Poshmark.
  • Because you’re buying from one company, you pay less for shipping. Posh charges $5.99 shipping per order (unless you are buying multiple items from one seller, but this is rarely the case, at least for me)

Thred Up Cons:

  • Honestly, less inventory. If I am looking for something general on Posh (eg. jean jacket), chances are there are literally so many in my size that I either need to do a more specific search or eventually I will get bored of scrolling through my options (in this case, that’s a good thing). While searching for a jean jacket on Thred Up, I exhausted all of their inventory without finding a single one that was perfect.
  • If you’re a seller, you’re likely going to make less money, although I haven’t tried to sell and of my clothes there. Since you’re doing all of the work on Poshmark, they only take 20%, which is significantly less than most second hand resellers. I am not sure what percentage Thred Up takes, I believe it is based off what they are going to sell your item for.

All in all, I think the two platforms have DIFFERENT pros and therefore aren’t really comparable. If you’re looking for a specific item, I’d probably use Poshmark— chances are, it’s either there or it will be eventually, check back weekly (or more, it’s kind of an addiction). However, if you’re just browsing for a good deal or a more general item or want to grow your wardrobe with a bunch of pieces, Thred Up is the way to go. Check out a look I created with one of my Thred Up finds below:

Shop my look below:
Vest (similar)
Pleated Skirt C/O Thred Up (similar)

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